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Posted by: on Sep 23, 2012 | 2 Comments

Thompson grapes

After a relaxing day yesterday, we made a quick stop at the farmer’s market this morning before the craziness of the week creeps in to this afteroon. I really want some tomatoes, and I felt like buying a fresh almond milk smoothie rather than making one. Grape season is in full swing here, and it is amazing how many different kinds were out, including these tiny sweet Thompsons.


This was the first week I have seen pomegranates at the market. I am surprised how often I see them growing in people’s front yards in the bay area. Maybe they are easier to grow than I thought? I guess they are another thing I can add to my future tiny farm list.

Heirloom cherry tomatoes

I have half of these tomatoes roasting in the oven as I type this. They are destined for a Tomato Dill Soup (recipe to follow). I found out I have one less thing to do this week, which is a welcome relief. My to-do list is piling up quickly, as it always seems to this time of year.




  1. erin @ yummy supper
    September 24, 2012

    What a delicious array you have there Jillian!
    We love the little sweet Thompsons at our house and I’m thrilled you saw pomegrantes at the market. I haven’t seen any yet, but now I know they’re coming.
    Hope the week is good to you!

  2. jillian
    September 24, 2012

    Thanks E! I am sure the pomegranates are working their way north. Hope you have a good week too!

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