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Bushels of GrapesConcord Grapes

I missed our famers’ market last weekend, but I was determined to take a pause from working on projects to make it today. These Concord grapes were as close to perfect as we have had this season. My grandfather had tons of Concord grapes growing along a fence line at his house. They always seemed so special because we knew you couldn’t find them at the grocery store.


I was surprised to see persimmons in the market today. It seems early, no? The one I bought was perfectly ripe. Yes, I showed restraint and only bought one. I am thinking of trying to make a persimmon jam of some kind though…


When we were in Japan last month, I had this delicious squash, and I wasn’t sure what it was called. Japanese people kept telling me it was called a pumpkin in English. Well, it turns out it was a Kabocha squash, which is a type of Japanese Pumpkin. I was excited to see one at the market today. I have it sliced and am planning on using this recipe from Nom Nom Paleo. The oven is heating up now!

Kombucha Squash


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